Hip Replacement Strength Exercises to Recover Strong

1 leg hip replacement exercises

You have had hip replacement surgery and in recovery to regain strength and function for your every day activities. If you are in the first few months post hip replacement, then you are most likely following the exercise program your physiotherapists have given you at the hospital. After this two month period when your soft…

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Hip Replacement Home Exercise Program

exercise at home

Home Hip Replacement Exercise Program You can strengthen your hip with exercises at home whether you are pre or post hip replacement surgery. Has having to get to a gym stopped you from doing your exercises? Do you have time constraints in your schedule that prevent you from going to the gym and exercising? or..…

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Exercises for Hip Replacement & Summer Fun!

Plank Core Exercise

Is Your Hip Arthritis or Hip Replacement Impacting Your Summer Activities? One of the first questions I would always ask clients as part of their initial consultation prior to starting exercise, was, “What hobbies, sports, or daily activities do you engage in that are an important part of your life you hope or need to…

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Hip & Knee Replacement Exercise Course for Personal Trainers


Free Webinar for Personal Trainers on Training Joint Replacement Clients Learn Safe, Effective, Exercise Design for your Knee & Hip Replacement Clients: View the Video for Exercise Guidelines Write your question or comment below and visit the full course details at: Joint Replacement Course for Personal Trainers Here

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Hip Arthritis & Hip Replacement Exercises Webinar

hip replacement

Exercises for Hip Arthritis & Hip Replacement Learn what Exercises You Need & Why Exercise is so Important for Hip Arthritis & Hip Replacement Watch the Video Webinar below and leave a comment with any questions you have. Enjoy!

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Exercises for Hip Replacement Surgery Based on Incision Site

hip replacement surgery incisions

Exercises for Hip Replacement Vary Dependent on Where the Surgical Incision is Placed Selecting exercises for pre and post hip replacement must take into account where the surgical incision will be which means there is no one exercise program that can be designed for all hip replacement clients. There are three main types of hip…

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Joint Replacement Course for Personal Trainers

Training the Joint Replacement Client

Training the Joint Replacement Client Course for Personal Trainers We will be offering a course for personal trainers on Saturday April 23rd on how to train joint replacement clients. It will cover in depth exercise program design for people pre and post hip or knee replacement surgery and also how to do exercise training programs…

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Hip Replacement Exercises Webinar

Hip Replacement Exercise Webinar

Join Us Tuesday March 29th 5:00 pm PST for a Free Webinar on Hip Arthritis and Hip Replacement Exercises We welcome you to join us for an informative, live webinar on exercises for hip replacement and hip arthritis. This webinar is ideal for anyone pre or post hip replacement who wants to learn what exercises…

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Joint Replacement Personal Trainers

Joint Replacement Exercise Guidelines for Personal Trainers

How Important is it to find a Personal Trainer with Joint Replacement Training? The first step in your hip arthritis exercise program should be to find a personal trainer who will design a personalized program for you and show you the correct technique. Being shown the correct technique on how to do exercises the right…

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Hip Arthritis Exercise

Hip Arthritis Exercise Range of Motion

If you have hip arthritis and are experiencing hip pain chances are it is deterring you from doing any kind of exercise or you may wonder what exercises are safest for your hip joint. Whether you are recently diagnosed with hip arthritis or have been living with it for a while now, doing specific exercises…

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