Home Hip Replacement Exercise Program

You can strengthen your hip with exercises at home whether you are pre or post hip replacement surgery.

Has having to get to a gym stopped you from doing your exercises?

Do you have time constraints in your schedule that prevent you from going to the gym and exercising?

or.. Have you simply not been doing exercises to prepare for or recover from your hip replacement surgery because you do not know which ones are best?

The good news is that as a personal trainer, it is in our DNA, to remove all barriers to exercise because above all else it’s our mission to make you feel better in your body!

You absolutely can do a home exercise program for your hip arthritis and post hip arthroplasty. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment and in fact there is a lot you can do with your own body weight. Did you know that by just doing two days a week of strength exercises for your hip prior to surgery can help you recover stronger and faster post surgery? Three days is ideal and what I would recommend, but having witnessed hundreds of clients and seeing that a lot of people can commit to two days a week, I wanted  you to know that the results will be significant with just two days a week of hip strength exercises.

How to Start Your Home Hip Replacement Exercise Program

The best way to start your hip arthritis exercises training program at home and learn what exercises are best is in one of two ways:

  1. Hire a Personal Trainer that specializes in Arthritis, Joint Replacement, Pre & Post Rehab
  2. Learn and follow the online Hip Replacement Exercise Program for both pre and post operation

It is so important to learn the techniques of each exercise and how to do them correctly. Having a personal trainer demonstrate the exercises to you and then watch your form is extremely helpful. I would often be told by my clients daily how much they valued the technique tips and cuing I gave them as they would immediately feel a difference in their muscles. I have compiled the exact exercise program we used in our joint replacement class that produced amazing results for our clients into an online training program you can do at home. All the exercises are included with pictures, technique tips, and cuing instructions to perform each exercise correctly. You can even view the demonstrations of exercises on video as well.

Hip Replacement Exercise Home Equipment List

There are many exercises you can do to strengthen your hip at home without any equipment. You can get started with just your body, a chair, something to lie on like a mat on the floor or your bed, and sometimes a mirror is helpful, but not necessary. As you progress and to increase the challenge here is the simple list of equipment that is all you will need:

  • Dynabands (Flat rubber bands you can purchase from a Physio, Fitness Store, or Pharmacy)
  • Xertubes (A tubed rubber band with handles)
  • Body Ball (Sized for your height)
  • Sometimes a Step Riser only if you do not have a stair or stairs you can practice on in or around your home (most people do not need to buy this)

You will see in the exercise program that I lead as a class and also gave in private training that there are other pieces of equipment for specific exercises. These are not essential pieces of equipment to begin or continue with your home hip exercise training program, but are optional:

  • Rocker or Square Balance Board
  • Small Squeeze Ball
  • Myofascial Release Ball
  • Foam Blocks
  • Circle Foam Roller

Lastly, I would always recommend having a training card or exercise sheet where you track your results. This would include your schedule and frequency of doing the exercises, the repetitions and sets completed, and when you add weight, resistance or advance the exercise.

Creating a space in your home that is safe, free from distractions, and beautiful and free for you to focus will keep you motivated! Don’t forget the fun factor of having some uplifting, inspiring music while you are doing the strength exercises and perhaps some calming, relaxing music during your stretch.

You can follow along at home with the Hip Replacement Exercise program Ebook and Video.