Joint Replacement Exercise Course for Personal Trainers

It is so exciting and very inspiring to see how many personal trainers are training hip and knee replacement clients and taking the Joint Replacement Course to learn more. There is a lot to consider when training clients pre and post hip or knee replacement surgery and the exercise guidelines pre operation are quite different from post joint replacement surgery.

Many trainers will find clients are postponing or waiting long periods living with hip and knee arthritis and that their mobility and function with daily activities is altered drastically. This loss of range of motion and strength along with joint pain in clients with osteoarthritis changes their ability to do certain exercises and therefore requires many exercise modifications.

In the 15 years of training clients preparing and recovering them from hip and knee replacement surgery, I learned so much about the exercise programming that set clients up for success which for them translates to being pain free with good function. It is a combination of specific exercises, a specific exercise progression sequence, avoiding contraindicated movements, giving them joint range of motion exercises, gait training, and muscular activation along with muscular balance.

The most important aspect of training hip and knee replacement clients prior to surgery is designing exercise programs that are modified for the existing inflammation and pain while still giving them range of motion and strength exercises. Post surgery, trainers now need to work around and program exercises for the new dynamics of contraindicated movements due to the implants.

When I realized we had developed a wealth of knowledge and had a very unique joint replacement exercise program that had successfully grown to 6 classes of 12 participants, I knew it was time to share everything we had learned with others. You know when you see the results in clients and hear their positive feedback and also receive kudos from the physiotherapists at the hospital that you need to share this far beyond your tiny community so others can benefit too.

Online course on Hip and Knee Replacement for Personal Trainers

The Joint Replacement Course for personal trainers grew from both a demand of needing to train more trainers for our classes, but more so with the mission to have other communities and gyms around the world be able to confidently offer the same program. It began with the creation of a joint replacement training manual which outlines all the key important aspects trainers needs to know about training hip and knee replacement clients pre and post operation. This 100 page manual is provided with a 7 hour workshop where trainers leave feeling confident in creating exercise programs for any knee and hip replacement client whether they are pre or post operation.

Now the hip and knee replacement course for personal trainers is not only offered as  a live workshop, but also as an online course that you can access and complete in your own time from your laptop. It provides webinars covering all the content I deliver in the workshop, the course manual, a workbook to follow along with, and individual exercise videos.

If you are a personal trainer, kinesiologist or someone who works with hip and knee replacement clients, this course gives a very comprehensive and in depth applied knowledge on joint replacement exercises. The trainers who have taken this course say the exercises they learned also helped them with many other clients with knee and hip pain or weakness.

Hear what a few of the personal trainers who took the joint replacement course have to say here:

‘”Anyone who plans to work with clients with joint replacements should take this course. Be ready to study and review the manual. Lots of detail!” Margerie Corrigan, Personal Trainer

“Jody provided excellent information and an easy to follow manual. Very professional and hands on and user friendly. Well done!”
Sandi Gilmour, Cardiac Rehab Nurse

“Excellent course and so relevant for any personal trainers/rehab specialists working with joint replacement clients.”
Leslie Grundy, Personal Trainer

What You Will Learn in the Knee and Hip Replacement Course for Personal Trainers:

  • How to train clients with knee and hip arthritis effectively
  • Exercises for clients preparing to have knee replacement surgery
  • Post rehabilitation exercises for knee replacement recovery
  • How to train hip arthritis clients preparing for hip replacement
  • Post operation hip replacement exercises for your clients
  • Contraindicated exercises and movements for knee replacement
  • Contraindicated exercises and movement for hip replacement
  • Exercise program guidelines for knee and hip replacement clients
  • Exercise program guidelines for knee and hip arthritis
  • Cardiovascular exercise options for hip and knee replacement
  • How to create a joint replacement class for clients preparing for and recovering from knee and hip replacement

If you have ever wondered what exercises are safe or how to create exercise programs for hip and knee replacement clients, this online course will show you exactly that.

To begin the course or learn more, go here.

Hip and Knee Replacement Course for Personal Trainers

The course is valid for 6 CEC’s and you can receive a certificate of completion to submit to your certifying organization. If you have any further questions about the Joint Replacement Online Course for Personal Trainers contact Jody at

Let’s go train those hips and knees back to great health, strength, stability, and high function for all the things they want to do in their life.

Happy Training,