Personal trainers play a crucial role in helping clients who have arthritis, or waiting for or recovering from hip and knee replacement surgery. In fact personal trainers have the ability to not only improve clients quality of life before and after joint replacement surgery, but they can decrease their pain, and increase their speed of recovery.

In this video, here why some personal trainers are scared to work with clients who have arthritis or a hip or knee replacement, but why the very reason they are scared is the opposite to the positive change you will make for people pre and post knee and hip replacement surgery.

If you want to learn safe, effective exercisea and exercise programming for your clients with hip and knee replacements or arthritis in their knees or hips, watch the video below for more details.

For more details on the Joint Replacement Course for Personal Trainers, visit If you are someone who has knee or hip arthritis or is post surgery with a knee or hip replacement, we also have an online program for individuals. The knee and hip replacement exercise program can be found here.