The coolest thing about pole walking is that it is cool! You see poles are not a cane, they are actually a very active, modern, adventurous form of walking that have huge benefits for anyone with hip arthritis or who has a hip replacement. They actually can make you look like a serious athlete… okay that may be a stretch, but they certainly make you look like you are taking walking seriously and for those of you partial to colors and accessories, they come in all different colors!  All joking aside, I cannot recommend pole walking enough for people with hip arthritis or hip replacement as a top choice for a cardiovascular exercise option!

Here is why pole walking is so fantastic for someone with hip arthritis or pre hip replacement surgery:

  1. Poles reduce the weight bearing load force that goes through the hip therefore causing less stress to the joint(s)
  2. Poles help you to walk farther because of the reduced weight bearing load making it more comfortable and giving you more endurance
  3. Poles improve your posture as you can stand more upright with the balance and structure they give to your gait
  4. They improve your gait as they give you support to have a strong stride and bring your conscious awareness to walking in a coordinated manner
  5. They give you confidence on varying terrain and also by giving you balance
  6. You end out burning more calories because of the additional intentional arm movement
  7. They can improve back problems because of the coordinated arm and leg movement, the increase in stride or range of motion you will have with your gait, and because your walking posture will be taller rather than slouched

People with hip replacements post surgery will experience all of the above benefits of pole walking and in addition the following:

  • Post hip replacement surgery pole walking can help retrain a strong, balanced gait
  • After surgery if it is hard to walk with full weight bearing the poles are a great transitional tool as they do absorb some of the body weight load from the hips
  • Post surgery it can sometimes be challenging to build walking endurance back up and the poles give people confidence, stability, and weight support to assist in gradual walking distance progressions
  • Posture post hip replacement can be poor due to the pain people sometimes feel prior to surgery and poles help people to retrain their bodies to stand upright in better posture
  • Walking gait stride has sometimes shortened prior to surgery and pole walking can help your gait to return to its normal stride along with stretching of course

To learn more about hip arthritis exercises pre and post hip replacement and for a complete hip exercise program click here

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