How Important is it to find a Hip Replacement Personal Trainer ?

The first step in your hip arthritis exercise program should be to find a hip replacement personal trainer who will design a personalized program for you and show you the correct technique. Being shown the correct technique on how to do exercises the right way can mean the difference to feeling pain or no pain, walking with better gait, and being able to recover stronger and faster post surgery. A personal trainer will show you the right exercises to do with the appropriate amount and frequency which combines to feeling great and confident in your own physical ability. Selecting a personal trainer who has joint replacement training and has gained experience working with hip osteoarthritis and hip replacement clients, is extremely important. There are so many differences in setting up an exercise program for people with hip arthritis than for a client that does not experience the pain pre-operation or the limitations post hip replacement surgery.

Personal Training a Hip Replacement Client Safely

The reason you need to find a personal trainer with experience, knowledge, and skills with hip replacement is because there are guidelines for safety that apply for people with hip osteoarthritis or who are in hip replacement recovery. When personal trainers have taken a joint replacement course or acquired extra training, they have a much greater understanding of all the additional factors that need to be taken in to consideration when creating an exercise program for pre and post hip replacement:

  • the element of existing pain in clients along with what exercises may cause pain
  • how inflammation needs to be minimized and is the first goal to keep in mind
  • how important it is to train based on weeks post operation and how it guides exercise prescription
  • why traditional strength exercises usually are not the first exercises to give to clients
  • how guidelines from the physiotherapist or surgeon re weight bearing must be considered
  • why certain traditional stretches and movements are contraindicated and can cause dislocation

All of these important elements that surround hip replacement must be taken in to consideration when creating exercise programs.

Why Personal Training for Hip Replacement Surgery is so Effective

If you are able to afford a personal trainer even for a few sessions so that they can set up an exercise program for you, the benefits in how you feel are incredible. I have witnessed first hand the amazing results people experience when they invest in personal training to prepare or recover from hip replacement surgery. You know when the surgeon and physiotherapist are surprised and curious as to what you are doing because you are progressing so well, that you must be doing something right. Since the exercise program design is so specialized for hip replacement, having the guidance of a trained exercise professional will yield you far greater results than going it alone. Here are a few reasons how having a personal trainer for your preparation and recovery from hip replacement surgery will be highly effective for you:

  1. They know exactly what muscles you need to strengthen and which exercises to target
  2. Learning the precise technique in how to do exercises properly decreases pain and increases results
  3. They can see your body and watch it in movement to learn where you need progress & cueing
  4. They are trained to show you how to perform exercises safely to avoid risk or harm
  5. They know by your starting level how much exercise to prescribe in terms of repetitions & sets & rest
  6. They have special training in the actual program design and delivery of exercises that will compliment your body, your ability, special health concerns, and how to modify exercises for pain and injury

Guidelines for Hip Replacement Exercise with Personal Training

In the Joint Replacement Course I teach to personal trainers, I show them how to do a hip consultation prior to doing any exercise program design. The consult is very important as it gives the personal trainer an opportunity to gather specific information from their client that will guide the exercise selection they choose for them. Without first taking the medical history and performing a hip replacement consultation, we would not be able to create the most effective and safest program for each one of our clients. Listed below are a few of the questions and guidelines for a hip replacement personal trainer needs to consider before designing their client’s exercise program:

  • What type of surgery did their client have and where is the incision? (anterior, lateral, posterior)
  • Has the doctor/physiotherapist advised partial weight bearing or full weight bearing
  • Have they been given the 90 degree hip flexion rule and for how long?
  • For lateral and posterior hip incision clients, avoid external rotation for risk of dislocation
  • For anterior incision clients, be careful of hip extension in early stages dependent on healing, time, strength
  • What activities are they engaging in daily and wanting to return to and is there load involved?

As you can see selecting safe, effective exercises around the specific guidelines that need to be considered for hip replacement is complex. When you learn not only what exercises are best for you and how to do them with good form from your personal trainer, you will gain relief and results. Personal trainers are highly skilled in exercise program design and I recommend finding one with specialized training around medical issues and specifically joint replacement. The American Council of Exercise certifies trainers to be Medical Exercise Specialists so you can hire someone with this certification and IDEA Health and Fitness has a database of trainers called IDEA Fitness Connect which highlights trainers and their training backgrounds. To view the database of trainers, you can go to IDEA Fitness Connect Here.

If you are a personal trainer who would like to know more about how to create safe, effective exercise programs for joint replacement clients click here for more details. Joint Replacement Personal Trainer’s Course & Manual