Hip Replacement Exercise Program

Pre and Post-Operation Exercises


Are you currently living with hip arthritis or preparing for or recovering from hip replacement surgery? If so, I am glad you landed here because if there is one thing I know after 20 years of working with hundreds of hip replacement clients, it is that hip replacement exercise will help you in so many ways and here are a few:

  • Decrease Pain
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Mobility and Flexibility
  • Foster better Gait
  • Increase Function for Daily Activities
  • Improve Balance
  • Regain Independence

However, not all exercises are great for hip arthritis and hip replacement. There are specific exercises that are best both pre and post hip replacement surgery. How do I know this? Well after over 15 years leading a community Joint Replacement exercise program and probably a thousand clients later, I saw which exercises brought the best results and really helped them return to their best function.

So, I compiled all these exercises into one guide that gives people the exact hip exercises they would need for optimal function whether pre or post hip replacement surgery.


What you receive in the Hip Replacement Exercise Program:

  • Exercises for Hip Arthritis and Pre Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Exercises to Treat and Recover Post Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Photos of Each Exercise to See How they Look
  • Technique Tips and Cues to Perform Each Exercise Correctly
  • Guidelines and Precautions on Exercises to Avoid to Minimize Pain
  • Contraindications or Restrictions Post Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Timelines to Respect for Healing & Recovery Post Hip Replacement
  • Cardiovascular, Core, Balance, and Gait Exercises
  • Hip Replacement Exercise Video (Included in Ebook & Video Package)



I created this online hip exercise program to be able to share what I know worked for our hip replacement clients because I saw the successful recovery people were receiving by doing these very exercises. In fact, it was so rewarding to hear our clients come back from a check in with their physiotherapist at the local hospital telling us they were told they were doing really well and actually better than most. They were asked by their physiotherapists, “What are you doing?”

What they were doing was exercising two to three times a week with this specific exercise program.

Hip Replacement Exercise Program


Who is this Hip Arthritis and Hip Replacement Exercise program for?

  • People living with Hip Arthritis
  • People Preparing for Hip Replacement Surgery
  • People Recovering from Hip Replacement Surgery
  • People With Poor Gait Post Hip Replacement Surgery
  • People Who Want Better Function and Independence
  • People Who Want a Home Exercise Program for their Hip
  • People Who Want a Safe, Effective Hip Replacement Program
  • People Who Want a Complete Hip Exercise Program Pre to Post
  • People Who Want the Expertise of a Personal Trainer with 20 years’ experience


A Powerful Hip Arthritis and Hip Replacement Tip to take action on:

Start hip strength exercises prior to your hip replacement surgery for a faster, better recovery post hip replacement. Do not wait until after your surgery to begin exercising! I know you are in pain and it hurts and logical sense tells us not to move when we are in pain; however gentle range of motion exercises, stretching, and yes even specific strength exercises will make you feel better and prepare you for surgery.


Are you ready to get started?

Let’s build your best hip joint possible!

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Hip Replacement Ebook and Video


Ebook $27.00

Hip Replacement Exercises Program



Who am I and Why am I passionate about Hip Arthritis and Hip Replacement Exercises?

Jody Kennet, Joint Replacement Exercise Specialist


Hi there and happy you are here,

I am Jody Kennett, an ACE-certified Medical Exercise Specialist since 2002!

My journey into the human body and exercise rehabilitation began in the university where I attended Simon Fraser University and graduated with a diploma in Kinesiology. After university, I landed my first job in health and fitness and started training clients in the Joint Replacement exercise program; I ran the program for 15 years.

When I realized there was a series of best exercises for hip replacement preparation and recovery, I knew I needed to share this with others.  Therefore, I compiled all my training expertise and the exercise program we taught and tested into a complete exercise program in the form of an eBook and Video for all to benefit. In addition, I offer a one day workshop for personal trainers locally and an online course so they can learn how to train clients with hip and knee replacements and arthritis.

My passion on this topic runs deep because I saw how it transformed my clients’ lives and how they were able to live better and feel better by doing specific exercises. I truly want these benefits for everyone living with arthritis or recovering from hip replacement surgery.

The bionic client I still train to this day has all 4 knee and hip joints replaced, is 90 years old, and is travelling the world. Everything is possible with a desire, effort, patience and commitment. To your health and mobility!



What my clients say

Jody – Your attention to detail when I’m doing the exercise program you designed for me specifically, is a critical component.  I don’t see the same level of commitment or your knowledge with other instructors.  You have made a huge difference to my rehabilitation for both hip and back.  I recommend you to others because I believe you make a difference.

- Russell Lane

All along Jody was extremely careful in planning specific exercises for me as my recovery continued. Before each new exercise she took special care to explain what its purpose was and how it was going to benefit me. The persuasive way in which she explained it, and then special attention she paid to its implementation, were half the battle for me. Almost every week she evaluated my work and came out with the next round of assignment. The result was that I was able to resume normal function. I owe my recovery, after a prolonged period of arthritic pain, as much to Jody as to the surgeon and his staff. Without their help I would not have resumed a near normal life as I do now.

- Professor A. H. Somejee

I have purchased your online video hip replacement exercises and love it. Your tips and instruction are wonderful and I like your attention to form, it is very beneficial. I feel like I have a personal training session with you every time I use it. Thank you again and all the best with your invaluable coaching and assistance.

- Lesley MacMillan



Let yourself live a full life.

Regain your independence with the Hip Replacement Exercise Program!