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Hip Arthritis and Hip Replacement!

As one of the leading educators on Hip Replacement Exercises, I want to congratulate you for actively seeking information on what exercises you can do while living with hip arthritis, preparing for hip replacement surgery, and how to recover strong.

My mission is to help people with hip arthritis everywhere and to share with them the 15 years experience, knowledge and tested exercise program gained from teaching hundreds of clients in joint replacement pre and post rehabilitation.

If you are currently living with hip osteoarthritis, there are many exercises that will help you manage the pain, maintain strength, limit loss of range of motion, and improve your overall quality of life. If you are post hip replacement surgery, there is no better way to recover stronger and faster than with exercise and knowing which exercises are best, how many to do, and exactly how to do them correctly.

The best way to optimize the results of your recovery is by being an active participant and doing exercises in preparation for your surgery.

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You Can Learn the Best Exercises for Hip Arthritis & Hip Replacement Surgery:

    • Receive a proven step by step exercise guide for Hip Arthritis and Hip Replacement
    • Learn strength exercises for your hip to prepare for surgery and recover strong.
    • Improve flexibility of tight muscles around your joint with specific stretches.
    • Maintain and improve range of motion with specific exercises.
    • Increase overall function and ability in activities of daily living.

    This is what happens with Hip Arthritis & Hip Replacement.
    Do you ...

    • ...experience stiffness or pain in your hip joint?
    • ...have a loss of range of motion in your hip that is noticeable and limiting you?
    • ...find you have a loss of strength that impact simple activities like getting off a chair or the toilet?
    • ...notice your gait has changed and want to walk stronger?
    • ...want to have better balance, confidence, and independence?

    Hear What People Are Saying About this Exercise Program:

    "I have purchased your online video hip replacement exercises and love it. Your tips and instruction are wonderful and I like your attention to form, it is very beneficial. I feel like I have a personal training session with you every time I use it. Thank you again and all the best with your invaluable coaching and assistance." Lesley MacMillan

    “Your exercise program helped me tremendously. I am walking normal now,thanks to your program. I will recommend your program to others. Again, thank you very much!” Minnie

    Jody – Your attention to detail when I’m doing the exercise program you designed for me specifically, is a critical component.  I don’t see the same level of commitment or your knowledge with other instructors.  You have made a huge difference to my rehabilitation for both hip and back.  I recommend you to others because I believe you make a difference.” Russell Lane

    "All along Jody was extremely careful in planning specific exercises for me as my recovery continued. Before each new exercise she took special care to explain what its purpose was and how it was going to benefit me. The persuasive way in which she explained it, and then special attention she paid to its implementation, were half the battle for me. Almost every week she evaluated my work and came out with the next round of assignment. The result was that I was able to resume normal function. I owe my recovery, after a prolonged period of arthritic pain, as much to Jody as to the surgeon and his staff. Without their help I would not have resumed a near normal life as I do now." Professor A. H. Somejee


    Here's the benefits you will receive:

    • Better range of motion and reduce the range of motion lost
    • Increased strength around the hip and in the legs for better function
    • Reduced pain from tight muscles and stiff joints
    • Faster recovery post surgery by implementing these exercises prior to surgery
    • Improve gait and walking endurance
    • Maintain, prevent loss and improve cardiovascular endurance
    • Build core stability, balance, and overall better function for independence in daily activities

    The Hip Arthritis & Hip Replacement
    Exercise Program Ebook & Video!

    • 114 Page Exercise Program eBook with Pictures, Technique Tips, & Training Program
    • 1 hour Video of Hip Exercises Showing You How to Do the Exercises - Add on Option Only $10 More!

    Option 1: Ebook $27.00

    Option 2: Ebook & Video $37.00

    We guarantee you will be happy by giving you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. So give it a try risk free and start your hip exercise program today!

    Meet Jody Kennett
    Your Joint Replacement Exercise Specialist

    Jody Kennett studied Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University and completed a Diploma in Health and Fitness. One of her favorite courses at university was on injury rehabilitation and upon landing her first job post university she was lucky enough to begin applying her knowledge and passion. She lead the Joint Replacement exercise program in West Vancouver which worked closely with a local hospital and was named the gold standard exercise program by their physiotherapy team. It began as a post surgery program and a graduation step when their physiotherapy treatment ended. The demand grew rapidly and before long it grew from one class to six classes of 12 participants running two and three times a week.

    As Jody had found her niche and loved seeing the results her clients received when they applied exercises consistently, she decided to get certified internationally as an ACE Medical Exercise Specialist. Word got out about the program and demand from both trainers and patients grew, so Jody first started with designing a workshop for trainers so they too could design safe effective exercise programs in their community. She then realized her greatest reach to get her knowledge in the hands of many would be to package the exercise program in to an ebook that anyone could receive. Now with over 15 years of experience, this program has reached many countries and has helped many knees and hips!

    Have a sneak peak in to what's included in the ebook!

    Here are a handful of the chapter highlights for you:

    1. Important GuidelinesHip Replacement Exercises
    2. Important Hip Facts
    3. Cardiovascular Training
    4. Strength Exercises
    5. Core Exercises

    6. Stretches
    7. Balance Exercises
    8. Pre Operation Program
    9. Post Operation Exercise Program
    10.Exercise Progressions

    Why do you need this exercise program & how is it different?

    1. You will learn which exercises are safe and which ones are restricted due to potentially causing you more pain or putting you at risk for dislocation
    2. You will learn specific exercises targeted to the exact muscles that get weak in hip replacement and the stretches that help loosen the very muscles that get tight
    3. The real benefit of this exercise program is that it is a complete program instead of one exercise here and there and it is the series of exercises together that makes all the difference to your progress, how you feel, and getting results!

    Option 1: Ebook $27.00

    Option 2: Ebook & Video $37.00

    A year long group joint replacement class would cost you  up to  $1500

    Private personal training with 5-10 sessions for this program would cost you up to $1000

    Get all this knowledge from a 15 year certified expert, beginner to advanced exercises, 2 full exercise programs for pre and post hip replacement including an Ebook and Video for only $47.00!

    Is there a price you can put on walking better, feeling stronger, experiencing less stiffness or pain, and gaining better function for daily activities and independence?

    Hip Exercise Ebook
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      Pictures for Each Exercise
      Technique Cues for all Exercises
      Strength, Stretches, Cardio, Core!
      Pre Operation Exercise Program
      Post Operation Exercise Program
      Hip Safety Guidelines

      Joint Replacement Course
        Yes, send me the Manual!

        100 Page Manual with Bonuses
        Exercises for Hip Clients
        Exercises for Knee Clients
        Exercise Program Design
        Hip & Knee Consultation Checklist
        Joint Replacement Class Design

        We guarantee you will be happy by giving you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. So give it a try risk free and start your hip exercise program today!

        Yes! Send me the ebook now.

        Yes! Send me the ebook and video now.

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