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The most comprehensive exercise guide for pre and post hip replacement that will show you the best range of motion, strength, and stretching exercises to prepare and recover optimally from hip replacement surgery.

YOU Can Quickly and Easily implement a few exercises in to your daily routine that will improve your range of motion, give you strength to recover quicker post hip surgery, and positively impact your function in regular every day activities.

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  • Receive pictures, technique tips, and the exact hip replacement exercises that were delivered in the Gold Standard Joint Replacement program taught to hundreds of participants

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Professor A. H. Somejee, Joint Replacement Program participant

"Her words of constant encouragement, convincing me that I could not only do those exercises but also go to the next one, helped me to achieve the next target which she had carefully laid out for me. Almost every week she evaluated my work and came out with the next round of assignment. The result was that I was able to resume normal function. I owe my recovery, after a prolonged period of arthritic pain, as much to Jody as to the surgeon and his staff at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver. Without their help I would not have resumed a near normal life as I do now.

I have watched Jody help more serious cases than mine in the weight room and each time the individuals who received help from her expressed nothing but sincere gratitude."

Russell Lane

“Jody – Your attention to detail when I’m doing the exercise program you designed for me specifically, is a critical component.  I don’t see the same level of commitment or your knowledge with other instructors.  You have made a huge difference to my rehabilitation for both hip and back.  I recommend you to others because I believe you make a difference.”

  • Personalized Hip Exercise Program Consultations

    Would you like a personalized exercise program customized specifically for you and your goals? Could you benefit from a private consultation with Jody to discuss your challenges and review specific exercises? To learn more, click here.