Joint Replacement Exercise Course for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

Learn Safe, Effective Exercises for Your Clients Pre & Post Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery

Thank you for being conscientious in researching the specific and best exercises for your clients with knee and hip arthritis and knee and hip replacements! Personal Training for Joint Replacement Clients is very different from personal training our everyday clients who have healthy joints. Therefore this large niche population of clients need your help. And you not only can provide a great service to them in their healing, but you can also attract more clients and increase your income!

With 20 years experience training hip and knee replacement clients, I know your needs as a personal trainer and the exercises our clients need. I created the  Joint Replacement Exercise Course for you and all the knee and hip joints that need our help.

What you learn in the Hip and Knee Replacement Exercise Course:

  • Pre and post operation Hip Replacement Exercises
  • Pre and post operation Knee Replacement Exercises
  • Strength exercises, Flexibility, & Best Cardio Exercise Options
  • Gait Checklist and Gait retraining exercises
  • How to Create a Joint Replacement Class
  • How to do a Hip and Knee Replacement Consultation/Screening
  • Contraindications of Movements to Avoid & Safety Guidelines
  • Exercises to help people with Hip and Knee Arthritis
  • …and so much more!

Joint Replacement Course for Personal Trainers

Why Joint Replacement Exercises are Important

Training people who have arthritis or who have hip and knee replacements differ from training clients with healthy joints. Here are some of the reasons why as trainers we need specialized exercise training for our clients with joint replacements:

  • 1

    Joint Inflamation

    Many clients depending on the stage of arthritis or time post operation will have inflammation in their joint and therefore training people with inflammation requires specific exercises.

  • 2

    Joint Implants

    Joint replacement clients have an implant for a knee or hip joint and there are restrictions of movement that need to be recognized as well as timelines for exercise progressions.

  • 3

    Biomechanical changes

    There are specific muscles that become weak and tight as well as common biomechanical changes that require our focus to help them return to function.

What This Course Gives You

  • A Niche Specialization that will grow your client base and attract clients
  • Increase your income with clients who need support pre and post operation
  • Confidence in designing safe, effective exercise programs for Hip and Knee Replacement
  • Knowledge, Ability, and a System to start your own Joint Replacement Class
  • Expert Knowledge in Knee and Hip Replacement Exercises Pre and Post Operation
  • 100 Page Manual, Video Training, Checklists, and Exercise Videos with technique tips

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s help your clients to build their best
knee & hip joints possible!

Joint Replacement Course $97.00

Joint Replacement Exercise Course For Fitness Professionals

Hear what personal trainers say 

Nicole Palacio, Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert

Sharon Friesen, Kinesiologist & Movement Coach

Pavlo Zerebecky, Active Rehabilitation Specialist & Fitness Coach

The Creator of the Joint Replacement Course for Personal Trainers

Jody Kennet, the creator of the Joint Replacement Course

Hi there and happy you are here,

I am Jody Kennett, the creator of the Joint Replacement Exercise Course.

Since 1998 I have been training clients pre and post knee and hip replacement! That’s 20 years and a lot of knees and hips I have prepared and recovered from surgery back out there living with a spring in there step. I completed a diploma in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University and post graduation, I began developing and growing a Joint Replacement exercise program in West Vancouver, B.C., Canada. We grew it to 6 classes of 12 participants weekly and I was responsible for training all the personal trainers who were instructors in the classes.

In 2002, I became a certified ACE Medical Exercise Specialist. I saw a demand for sharing all the knowledge I gained and so I created a one day workshop and one hundred page manual to train personal trainers on joint replacement exercises. Then I created an online course with the exact same content and downloadable  manual for trainers around the world to benefit, serve and grow their business. In addition, I created ebooks and videos on hip replacement exercises and knee replacement exercises.

This is such a niche client base that needs our help.  Clients with arthritis and joint replacements require our expertise in knowing exactly what exercises are safe and which exercises they need to live and heal strong. Here you have a legacy piece of mine where my mission is to make a positive impact for people with arthritis and hip and knee replacements while also increasing your client base and income.



What other personal trainers say

Jody provided excellent information and an easy to follow manual. Very professional and hands on and user friendly. Well done!

- Sandi Gilmour, Cardiac Rehab Nurse, Exercise Specialist

Anyone who plans to work with clients with joint replacements should take this course. Be ready to study and review the manual. Lots of detail!

- Margery Corrigan, Personal Trainer

Excellent course and so relevant for any personal trainers/rehab specialists working with joint replacement clients.

- Leslie Grundy, Personal Trainer

I never give full marks – this course and instructor deserved 5/5’s across the board. Thank you for the time well spent.

- Jen, Personal Trainer

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