Joint Replacement Trainer's Manual
The complete guide to train knee and hip replacement clients pre and post operation.

Are you a personal trainer or exercise specialist who has clients with knee or hip arthritis? Have you ever trained a client who is preparing for or recovering from knee or hip replacement surgery?

If so, this is the resource for you! In this Joint Replacement Manual for Trainers, you will receive a proven step by step exercise guide for Hip and Knee Replacement clients.

It includes exercises, training guidelines, contraindications, and how to set up your own Joint Replacement class. It also gives you pre screening hip and knee assessment consultation forms, and a gait check list.


  • Hip and Knee Exercise List Muscle Specific
  • Exercise List for Pre & Post Operation
  • Joint Replacement Workshop Power Point Slides

In this Manual You Will Receive...

  • Knee & Hip Replacement Exercise Program Design

    Learn the best exercises to help Knee and Hip Replacement clients Pre & Post-0peration
    Learn exercise program design for knee & hip replacement
    Includes: Strength exercises, Stretches, Contraindications & more

  • Hip & Knee Replacement Consultation Checklists

    You will receive a simple, easy to use hip and knee assessment checklist
    It will guide your pre screening with an easy template to follow
    A complete format & assessment is included for Knee & Hip Replacement

  • Joint Replacement Class Design

    Learn everything you need to know to set up a Joint Replacement Class
    This is a step by step guide to creating joint replacement classes
    It includes  all the necessary tools you will need to design & implement classes

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Manual & Workshop:

Jody provided excellent information and an easy to follow manual. Very professional and hands on and user friendly. Well done!”  RN Cardiac Rehab Sepcialist Sandi Gilmour

“Anyone who plans to work with clients with joint replacements should take this course. Be ready to study and review the manual. Lots of detail!” Margery Corrigan

Well worth the time and money! Well structured and informative.” Rebbah Rodriguez

“A lot of information learned that could be applied to anyone with joint problems or seniors.” Vickie Pejril

“I never give full marks – this course and instructor deserved 5/5’s across the board. Thank you for the time well spent.” Jen

“I found it very informative, really engaged the whole day, liked the interaction, almost wish it was a two day course!” Allison Shumka

Meet Jody Kennett Your Joint Replacement Exercise Specialist

Knee and Hip Replacement Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer

Jody Kennett studied Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University and completed a Diploma in Health and Fitness. One of her favorite courses at university was on injury rehabilitation and upon landing her first job post university she was lucky enough to begin applying her knowledge and passion. She lead the Joint Replacement exercise program in West Vancouver which worked closely with a local hospital and was named the gold standard exercise program by their physiotherapy team. It began as a post surgery program and a graduation step when their physiotherapy treatment ended. The demand grew rapidly and before long it grew from one class to six classes of 12 participants running two and three times a week.

As Jody had found her niche and loved seeing the results her clients received when they applied exercises consistently, she decided to get certified internationally as an ACE Medical Exercise Specialist.

Word got out about the program and demand from both trainers and patients grew, so Jody first started with designing a workshop for trainers so they too could design safe effective exercise programs in their community.  Knowing trainers and community centers could benefit from her years of experience and growth with the program, she designed a manual; it would not only give instructors confidence training knee and hip replacement clients, but also give them a complete system to set up their own joint replacement classes.

In addition to creating the Joint Replacement Trainer's workshop she then created both a Knee and Hip Replacement eBook and Video so that anyone who needed the information could receive it.  Now with over 15 years of experience, this program has reached many countries and has helped many knees and hips!

ACE Medical Exercise Specialist

Are you a Personal Trainer who would like to....

  • Train clients with Knee or Hip Arthritis?
  • Train clients preparing for or recovering from Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery?
  • Know what exercises are best for Hip and Knee replacement clients?
  • Feel confident and knowledgeable in exercise program design for Knee & Hip clients?
  • Grow your client base with a niche market that needs your help?

What Value does a New Client Base Needing Ongoing Training bring You?

What is the value you will gain from acquiring long term and year long clients?
Could you benefit from the stability of income by offering Joint Replacement Classes?
Would learning a complete system of program design and class setup save you time?
Is learning from someone with 15 years experience an asset to your knowledge base?
Will your confidence and ability to effectively serve your clients safely improve?

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There is so much information and value here in the manual we stand by our 30 day money back guarantee to you! If for any reason you are not satisfied we make this risk free for you by giving you 30 days and a money back guarantee.

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    The Joint Replacement Manual for Trainers

    Receive the Complete Exercise Program Design Manual for Trainer's as listed above

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    You Can Also View the Hip Replacement Exercise Ebook & Video for Participants

    An Exercise Program for Pre and Post Hip Replacement Surgery at

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    You Can Also View the Knee Replacement Exercise Ebook & Video for Participants

    An Exercise Program for Pre and Post Knee Replacement Surgery at