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With Jody Kennett

1 Day Workshop Live Saturday April 14th 9:30-4:00 pm PST

Receive 100 Page Manual, 6 CEC hours, and Learn Contraindications!

The Joint Replacement Course was designed for personal trainers and other professionals that work with clients who have knee or hip arthritis and are preparing for or recovering from hip and knee replacement surgery. This course is the culmination of 20 years of experience training hip and knee replacement clients and being a lead trainer in group joint replacement classes. There are so many unique techniques and concerns a trainer needs to be aware of when training these clients that I compiled them all into a resource so we can serve more hips and knees!

Jody provided excellent information and an easy to follow manual. Very professional and hands on and user friendly. Well done!”

Sandi Gilmour, RN Cardiac Rehab Specialist

“I found it very informative, really engaged the whole day, liked the interaction, almost wish it was a two day course!”

Allison Shumka

“I never give full marks – this course and instructor deserved 5/5’s across the board. Thank you for the time well spent.”


“Anyone who plans to work with clients with joint replacements should take this course” 

Margery Corrigan

"Great practical and functional exercise design."

Alison Stewart-Milne

"Great course with easy to apply practical application."

Mark Tonello

"Great course for anyone working with older adults."

Lorno Moxon

"Jody is thoughtful and well prepared. She was able to answer all our questions and provide great scenarios for us to think about."

Kate Lee

"Excellent workshop and so relevant for any trainers/rehab specialists working with joint replacement clients."

Leslie Grundy

"Jody is great, she breaks it down so it is easy to understand. Loved every minute of it!"

Alli Collier

"I have traveled from Scotland to attend Jody's course and its been such a help and very informative. Look forward to putting it into practice."

Angie Blackwell

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The location of the Workshop is at the West Vancouver Community Centre at
2121 Marine Drive in West Vancouver, B.C. in the Mountain Room.

For any trainer who is out of town or who cannot make this date, this workshop is available as an online course which you can view here: Joint Replacement Course for Trainers Online

If you are someone who has arthritis or is waiting for or recovering from a hip or knee replacement, I have made an exercise Ebook and Video for you. Visit us here:

Knee Replacement Exercises

Hip Replacement Exercises



Joint Replacement Workshop for Personal Trainers

Meet Your Instructor for the Joint Replacement Workshop for Trainers

Hi, I'm Jody, your instructor for the Joint Replacement Workshop and the Creator of the Joint Replacement Training Manual, Hip and Knee Replacement Ebooks and Video, and now the online course too! It all started in 1998 in a little dungeon of a gym, truly, that's what its nickname was, where the first Joint Replacement program classes started in the middle of a tiny gym. We started a program in conjunction with our local hospital to be a graduation step for them after their surgery. Well what started out as 1 class of 12 participants grew to at its peak 6 classes of hip and knee clients preparing for and recovering from surgery.

Just imagine how many hips and knees I trained and along the way the knowledge we all gained was invaluable and some of it, as the physiotherapists shared at the hospital, was a learn along the way and document because we are creating it. Since there were so many intricacies we discovered working with hip and knee replacements along the way and quite a few people outside our small community were asking about it, I compiled all my knowledge and experience into these resources to share the blood, real sweat, and grunt tears with you.

Truly nothing could have beat this experience I gained in the trenches working with probably thousands of clients, but I did graduate from SFU with a diploma in Kinesiology and went on to get my specialty certification as a certified ACE Medical Exercise Specialist 16 years and counting.

I guess you could say this is a bit of a legacy piece I left behind for all those hips and knees out there and it was inspired by so many. It is my mission to empower and educate trainers to know the safest and best exercises for joint replacement clients and to feel confident training so we can get them back to the best function possible.

If you have questions about this course or workshop, the best way to reach me is:

Here's to happy hips, knees that can kick it up when they need to and mobile joints for every day adventures never to be stopped!