Private Personalized Consultations & Customized Exercise Programs Designed Just for You!

Personalized Hip exercise program

Would you like a private consultation where you can receive your very own individualized exercise plan tailored just for you?

How great would it be to share with me your specific challenges, goals, and where you need to progress? Could you benefit from knowing you had an exercise program that was customized specifically for your strengths and weakness and that targeted your own goals.


Here is what you will receive in your one on one consultation:

  1. You will receive an initial 1/2 hour consultation via Skype where I will take an assessment and ask specific questions that will help me to create your individualized exercise program
  2. Then you will receive an exercise program complete with cardiovascular, strength, stretching, core, and balance exercises that is designed for your body, goals, and the prehabilitation or post rehabilitation for your hip replacement/hip arthritis. This exercise program will come in the form of a video and training card that will guide you in exactly what set of exercises you need to be doing with how many repetitions and how to do them safely for results.
  3. After you have tried the exercise program for approximately one week or at least 2 sessions on your own, we will schedule another 30 minute Skype follow up so that you can ask questions and receive answers to your inquiries.

The cost to receive your Personalized Hip Exercise Program Consultations is only $197 US and will give you:

  1. 1 hour of private consultations with Jody split in to 2 – 30 minute sessions
  2. A complete personalized hip exercise program just for you that will last you at least 3-6 months depending on how quickly you progress and need advanced exercises
  3. A video of the exercises along with your very own training program you can print!

To book your private consultation with Jody, click the link below and book your first appointment!

Personalized Hip Exercise Consultation only $197 US

You also have the option to add one additional extra hour of live exercise demonstration, technique cuing, and form correction via Skype for just an additional $80 U.S. for a total package price including the above to $277 US.

To purchase the above package with an additional 1 hour live interactive exercise training session click the link below and get started on your very own program!

Personalize Hip Exercises Consultations + 1 Additional Extra Live Exercise Session for $277 US